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"The Ratio"
Produced, Edited and Mixed by Swaff
Performed by The GTGs, gtg491y and gtg562h
Words and Music by Swaff and DBay
Copyright 2008 Swaff Productions

I was a freshman at Tech
Just looking for something new
Told that girl back in high school
Believe me, it's not you
There's so many fish in the sea
Lookin for the MRS degree
Baby, you and me, were just not meant to be

Showed up for orientation ready for registration
Gonna find the classes that will lead me to my occupation
Hold up! I need a girl to take to Club Love
Now I'm in college, shouldn't be that hard to find one...but wait...

There's only one girl?? They must have them in another room...
There's only one girl?? I hope we get to meet the others soon
There's something not right with this
My stomach's starting to get sick
I asked around "Where the ladies this a trick?"
My PL sat me down and told me,
"Son, I need to tell you bout the ratio..."

Hate that Ratio, hate that ratio
3 to1 you know, I hate that ratio
I hate it so, hate that ratio
I hate it so, Girl you know I hate that ratio!

Checked my PO box, I got an envelope
Got a letter from a girl that I didn't know
She's invited me to a crush party
On the Disco Bus, things be gettin' crazy
But I left the club with just a new t-shirt,
Inside, I didn't even see her
5 guys on every single shawty
Only folks I met was Bobby, Paul, and Johnny

Sir, if you got a daughter, throw her in some white and gold
And put her on the campus, to help us raise the ratio


By homecoming week I knew the only way I'd ever get to meet
A Girl face to face was to win the freshman cake race
So I woke up every morning to train...
I got 2nd place
What happened to all those girls walking around in those pretty dresses?
I must confess this is a mystery to me...Rush is over, now only guys fill the streets
The future brings change, I do believe...

This is a tribute to all you GT ladies
Goes back to '52 when you got into this school
There was forty-four hundred of us and only two of you
twenty-two hundred to one
They were so in love!

I wanna thank you for coming to Tech
Taking a bad situation, making it better, but it's still not the best
Cause you know and I know we got a long ways to go
Until we reach our goal, one to one's that ratio


The odds are good, but the goods are odd!
Girl you know I hate that ratio!

Gurl, you settin' me up for failure, yeah, yeah yeahhhh!

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